Welcome to Lisa's accounting

Lisa's accountancy limited is the trusted choice for your matters. We are accredited and competent accountants and we are capable of ensuring you and your business gets the best service by stringent quality service and supreme technical knowledge.


Our mission

Lisa’s Accountancy Limited is a modern accountancy firm based in London. We strive to provide the best experience to our customers by delivering our SOE practice, which stands for Same-day, One-time, Empathy. We aim to help small and middle-size businesses to grow robustly by providing quality accounting and taxation services. Our customers are both UK based and overseas. They include individuals, limited companies, and partnerships.

Lisa's Accountancy value our clients by understanding and satisfying their needs and emphasizing quality and making our service reliable. We also care about employees and their professional development. Our business promotes social responsibilities by being eco-friendly and save nature resources. Lisa's Accountancy care about people and society, commit to the service provided to customers, and always aim for higher standardized services. We are your accountant, your expert. Your choice, our commitment!

Why us

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Our difference is that we value and respect clients by adding value into and customize services. We work with law firm and offer one-stop service, assisting clients to deal with accounting and tax and legal compliance issues.

Forward thinking and outstanding client service make us a trusted choice :

· Professionalism: Always update professional knowledge to provide competent professional service, always act diligently, act in the public interest and avoid any action that discredits the profession.
· Innovation: Always generate and apply better ideas into solutions and use high-tech device to meet new requirements.
· Team: Always select highly qualified and robust accountants and encourage them to update their skills and knowledge to ensure the competence of service.
· Service: Always encourage develop and implement better ideas and help clients to resolve their problems and improve the process for solution.
· Social Responsibility: Always try to provide eco-friendly service by saving paper and other nature resources; Create more job opportunities for local communities; Align our development with the development of community and society.

Lisa's Accountancy will reward new clients and existing clients who have been showing interest into and supporting our services.